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 {Sky}7/21/07 Saturday - Genbu & Suzaku Fight

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PostSubject: {Sky}7/21/07 Saturday - Genbu & Suzaku Fight   Mon 23 Jul 2007, 2:40 am

7/21/07 Saturday - Genbu & Suzaku Fight

Today our LS went fought Genbu and Suzaku.

From Genbu we got: Genbu Shield, Zenith Crown, and Venomous Claw.
Shield went to Cerpintaxt, Crown went to Cinnamon, and V-claw sold for 500k.

From Suzaku we got: Suzaku Feet, Shura Hands, and Damascus Cloth.
Suzaku Feet went to Skychizen, Shura Hands went to Angelofdarkness, and D-cloth sold for 370k.

I downloaded the Google online graph chart, but I didn't read up on how to use it yet.
So I just posted a Screen Shot of the graph that I made with Excel.
I will have to copy and paste to the Google online chart in the future, once I learn how to use it.

Attendence Record

Money Record

Armor Record



Genbu Drops


Suzaku Drops

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{Sky}7/21/07 Saturday - Genbu & Suzaku Fight
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